Monday, June 26, 2006

An hour from Tuesday

I'm safely snug in my down throw with the soft glow of my bedside table washing over everything.I should be sleeping right now, but I drank two diet Dr. Pepper's right before bed (smart), so I'm up with you. So let's talk. What do you want to talk about? Books? I've been buying a lot of them from the thrift stores lately. Buying them, but not having time to read them. That's one of the things I need to work on. Making time for reading, making time for thought. Not just skimming over the tops of my days, living in a frenetic haze, but actually delving in. Becoming INVOLVED. Close reading.

I've been shopping too much, but not without merit. I only shop at thrift stores, or buy things second-hand (justification), and I always find the most amazing deals (further justification). I can't stop myself; I've become obsessed with finding buried treasure. I've become a sort of modern day pirate or something. Over the weekend I found an amazing Le Creuset baking dish for five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS. They sell for $125 elsewhere. My husband tells me I could shop for a living if I wanted, but I form such an attachment to what I buy that I don't know if I could ever give things up. I bought an antique card catalog the other day that is simply darling. Before I could get husbandly clearance to buy it, though, I had to think of the numerous practical uses for it--I could use it in the kitchen to store exotic spices, I could use it in the bedroom for shoes, etc. It came from an old elementary school library, and it even has some of the old cards in one of the drawers. I want my son to know what we used before there were only "search databases" in libraries!

Speaking of such a thing...I happened upon the coolest's You can type in what you're reading, and it'll give you a list of all the other people who own that book,too. It's amazing. One can catalog his/her entire library right there on the website. Just think, there ARE literate and intelligent people out there, other than my "chosen few." I had quite forgotten.

3 Things not left unsaid:

Anonymous said...

220 other people have the book I'm currently reading, "The Accidental Tourist" by Anne Tyler. Interesting site. By the way, I have a version of the "Perfect Coffee" cup that you have pictured below. My grandmother gave it to me one year for Christmas. She's known for rather random presents, so that was a pleasant surprise. Is there a story behind that cup or brand? Anyway, one year Nana sent my sister's family some cheese and meat that wasn't supposed to be left at room temperature. Needless to say they threw it out. Plus, the three young kids looked confused. Like "How are we supposed to play with cheese? What's wrong with your grandmother?" Of course your grandmother always sent interesting things, too. I remember the year I thought she gave you condoms for your birthday. I can't remember what they turned out to be, however.

Southern Girl said...

(: That WAS funny! It was a pony-tail holder in a square, plastic package and decorated with a little red cupid. I think it startled my mother most of all. (:

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned an antique card catalog. I'm looking to buy one, and Google turned up your blog. If you know where I can buy one, please email me.

John Gay
johngay[at sign]