Thursday, January 11, 2007


After dinner (homemade chili and rosemary ciabatta!), I sat down with a celebratory glass of Beaujolais Nouveau and tried to figure out what I'm making for dinner tomorrow. I'm a girl who likes to have plans.

Of course, my son repeatedly blew out my aromatherapy candle because a three-year old's logic tells him that an extinguished candle is immediately followed by cake. He did get a strawberry popsicle for his trouble. (:

2 Things not left unsaid:

Baedeker said...

ha! I have an aromatherapy candle that only melts on one side so that it now looks like a hypotenuse triangle. When I blow it out I make a wish every time. I visited Tucson over the weekend. I'll send you pics! Happy New Year!
: )


B. Haven said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'll have to add Tuscon to my "must visit before I die" places. ( : It was eclectic and beautiful.