Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Love is Everywhere"

Today, as I was stepping out of my car, I saw this in a shopping center parking lot. I left it for someone else to find...

And as I discovered, love wasn't too far away. I found a complete set of the Great Books of the Western World for $15.51 at my favorite store. I used to become so resentful about these particular books when I went to the library as a kid. They bore that deplorable, ominous "R" on their beautifully matching spines. REFERENCE, which meant that I couldn't ever check them out... "How do they ever expect me to find out who Tacitus and Archimedes are if I can't check out the *%$#@ book?!!" I wondered. At twelve, I felt almost inferior because I couldn't tell my Aristotle from my Plato. Never again, you evil withholders of information.

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