Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not Yet 10 A.M.

And I've already gotten up, made coffee, fed the man and the little man (and myself as an afterthought), washed and dried two loads of clothes, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor, made the bed, let out the dogs and given them a treat, checked my various internet addictions (myspace, craigslist, etc.) and written two e-mails, taken out the kitchen and bathroom(s) garbage, dressed in a new suit complete with moderately sensible heels, and written my three morning pages in my leather journal. Not necessarily in that order.

Addendum: I had originally planned to take a trip over to Athens today, but I got a terribly sick stomach as I was preparing to go. Shortly after I began to think, "Maybe today's not a good day for a two-hour road trip," my stomach began to feel much better. A tremendously adamant believer in signs, I stayed home.

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