Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gotta start somewhere...

A negative homepage is a terrible way to start the day. Too often have I turned on my computer while my coffee brewed, only to see the AP news photos of the women with their heads in their hands, undoubtedly imploring God and the world, "Why my son/daughter/husband/mom/dad?" (You fill in the blank.) Anyway, it was too much for me to face over my morning coffee. I wanted to be informed, but being bombarded by ugliness first thing in the morning was just too much. I wanted my first impression of the day to be redemptive, even beautiful. So I decided to change my home page to this rather than this. Much better.

But then, like the act of setting up umpteen rows of dominoes, only to accidentally knock them down just short of finishing, this set forth a series of events that I have a hard time capturing in words--they've been so fast, so fluid, and so subjective. I guess you have to start somewhere. Here are some pictures. P.S. I think I'm going to start having a "song of the day." Bear with me.


Grandson and Paw-paw, Fishing together for the first time

Elizabethtown, Kentucky; I made it a point to stop here on my way home to see if they people there lived up to the movie characters. It was a tall order, of course. I saw the movie right after my mom died, and it has meant so much to me since then. Thanks, Cameron Crowe.

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