Saturday, September 15, 2007


Click to enlarge, and smile (of course).

Yesterday, I woke up without a blog template. I felt scandalized. I kept looking at my blank blog with no background like it was going to magically reappear. No little fountain pen with a little rainbow at the top. No bookmark sidebar. Just my own blog entries fading into white nothingness. Was it a sign that I needed to go back to the basics? Sign or no sign, I scoured the internet to find my favorite little template again. Anyway, all this computer talk bores even me, but it just jarred me so much, like being robbed, that I felt I had to talk about it.

Today includes folding A LOT of laundry, going to the post office (Keetha and Megan,look out for small packages coming your respective ways), donating basement-unnecessaries to our local Goodwill, and something else I haven't figured out yet to throw a little spice into Saturday errands. ( I'll think of something.)

P.S. I got the new J. Peterman mail order catalog two days ago. Isn't it lovely?1

1 Things not left unsaid:

John Eaton said...

Very fine work, Searcher.

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