Monday, May 12, 2008

Here at Home

I wasn't too alarmed when my 4-year-old took up my Atlantic Monthly for perusal. He's still reading within the realms of his age group, so I didn't think he could gather anything from it that might be inappropriate. But it did raise my motherly eyebrows when he said, obviously very scared, "Mom, is there a meteor headed for earth!?" First, I couldn't believe that he even knew the word "meteor." Where did you learn about meteors?" I asked. "It saw it on Arthur." (A children's cartoon). I thought about telling him the theory about meteors and decimated dinosaurs, but immediately thought better of it, namely because it would scare him even more, but also beceause I don't really know if it has since been disproven since I learned about dinosaurs. He's also started his first bout with nightmares lately, and I didn't want to give his bad dreams any more fodder. So I just settled on doing what I often do when he gives me such tough little questions that I don't know how to answer: "Hey! Would you like to have some ice cream?" (I'm a firm believer that the art of distraction is sometimes necessary for effective parenting.)
Can you tell that my hound dog likes to look out this window?

My sexy apron from One Queen's Folly and the ENORMOUS stack of newspapers that needs to go to the recycling center...

The bust of Layla Grace, also from One Queen's Folly. My goal is to get my entire house to look just like that store. (:

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