Friday, May 30, 2008

Sometimes I dream that I'm still in the military, and this always disturbs me. This morning I dreamed that I'd decided to stay in for twenty years, and they sent me to this isolated place to become an officer. It was desolate, a desert, beautiful, but with mountains. I had to climb the face of a rock to get to where we were going. My husband was there to help me, sometimes, to help pull me up. But there were some rocks that jutted out that I had to round alone. And it was a long way down. But I did it anyway. I can't remember the view from the top, which my memory has stored away for another dream, for another morning, but I can still remember the beauty of the place, and the fear I felt of climbing. I wonder if that place really exists on earth, and if I will ever go. Or if it's just a metaphor that I'm already living in everyday.

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