Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock City; Lookout Mountain

Fat Man's Squeeze...claustrophobia, anyone?

Lover's Leap...

Does every girl really desire a vintage red firetruck to drive around town, or is it just me?

Here's where I ate what I shouldn't have...there was hot fudge involved.

Who else but me expects a hobbit to be around that next bend?

Sometimes it's difficult to decide who's the grown-up...

I found myself inspecting for rusty bolts between every photo.

See Seven States...

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1 Things not left unsaid:

Keetha said...

Oh, WOW did that take me back. Goodness! My family and I went to Chattanooga and Gatlingburg on a vacation when I was about ten or eleven. I've been back to Rock City once. How neat. I love your photos!

I think every girl indeed wants a vintage red fire truck. What's NOT TO LIKE?