Monday, July 07, 2008

Morning at the Lake

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3 Things not left unsaid:

femminismo said...

Lovely pictures, lovely thoughts. Found you by way of Candace at eyecandy. Love the Italy pictures below, too. I want to go back there one day. My favorite country - so far - besides the USA.

femminismo said...

Oh, you put me on your "list." Aren't you sweet! Thank you. I came back because I just noticed we share a favorite book, "Death Comes For the Archbishop," by Willa Cather. Didn't you love it? Well of course you did! The isolation of Father Latour's life in that harsh landscape suspended time for me. I wonder if clocks moves more slowly through lifetimes like that one ... not that it was real, of course, but how vividly Cather painted it! It was real while I read the words.

Soul Fire Studios said...

I love these photos:) Especially the bridge. Have you ever thought of making them into prints?