Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It was so steamy and sultry when I stepped outside with my camera that the lens fogged up, giving the photos a hazy, dreamy quality. I'm buoyed my red curtains when they swell with wind and I can sufficiently pretend that it's a French Polynesian current of breezes that they wrap themselves around; all the while my bare feet can remain firmly planted on terra firma, but my dreams, oh my dreams, drift up into the Gauguin clouds.

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2 Things not left unsaid:

Jamie said...

Great photos, Jennifer! Your deck looks so inviting. I especially love the table top vignette with the giraffe and yellow squash - I recognize that bowl. :-)

femminismo said...

Oh, my! The billowing red curtains are wonderful. Very Gaugainish indeed. My niece lives in/near Atlanta. I don't envy either of you the muggy weather. It's cloudy in our part of Oregon today. I'd like a sun break or two myself. Cheers!