Friday, August 29, 2008

That's Amore!

5 Things not left unsaid:

Suzanne said...

you're not going to believe this, but I am also the proud owner of a coffee 'percolater'....I think it makes the best coffee!

Southern Girl said...

Percolators are so much better than drip! And whenever I try out my French press, I always make it too strong. Long live the percolator! ( :

Ann said...

Hey there,
Thanks for your note. Any day is a good day to talk about coffee!

I have a percolator! It was good enough for my mom and dad, and it's good enough for me... I do use one of those "other" machines, too. But give me a percolator any time. I also have a French press. Amazing what you can learn once you are in the Big City.

Exc. for Community Coffee, I buy local beans and grind 'em to personal preference and taste.

SG, if and when you come to the Athens Farmer Market, get you some of that delicious Aldo's Coffee!!! YUM...!!!
High Five,

Candace said...

Mmm. Wipe out that ann person would you? It's someone who used to use my computer. A long time ago. It's not me. Altho she tried -- long story. Didn't realize that was still popping up sometimes. Gee!!

Have a great weekend,

Southern Girl said...

Hey, Candace...we'll definitely have to meet over coffee someday and you can tell me the whole "ann" story. (: