Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homage to Mrs. G of Derfwad Manor (:

Mrs. you know why you're great? Reason the first( among many) You make yourself vulnerable. You put it all out there, and by doing that, you become someone we all can relate to. As I was elbowing my way through the torrent of blatant consumerism today, I probably would've been scowling under most circumstances. But today, I snickered heartily as I was retelling my husband your anecdotal Ikea experience, in which the labyrinth meant to force you to every nook of the store prevented the disgruntled G's from a hasty escape after a little tiff. You see, a regular blogger wouldn't have bothered to mention this little tidbit. But you, you, who are graced with a sense of humor, could laugh it off-- and give us all a laugh in the process. By your telling of the story, you were able to change our experience. How cool is THAT?!! That's what all the great writers can say for themselves. "I changed their experience."

1 Things not left unsaid:

Candace said...

OMG, I found Mrs. G through feminissimo and have not looked back. I read her every day like a devotional and get as much out of it as if it were a devotional.

"A merry heart doeth one good like a medicine." -- or some such.