Friday, October 10, 2008

All Things Foreign

My little Japanese (?) Madonna Grotto (whose ingredients I put together at One Queen's Folly), with a backdrop of my Oxford University print.

'm drinking my Tazo Awake tea now that the coffee pot has run dry. I didn't actually drink all of that coffee, but rather, I would pour myself a mug, then get distracted, leaving it to get cold on a table or a shelf or a counter. (This happened repeatedly.) The tea however, I managed to hold on to like a life preserver.

The Child is upstairs with the sniffles, talking of cold feet. He wants to be down here with me in the basement, a decidedly dank place to be after our two steady days of rain, but the couch in front of cartoons upstairs proves to be a bigger draw for him. A day of filling out fifth birthday party invitations looms on my agenda today, as well as printing out my personal pictures for the homemade postcards I'm working on. What might you working on today?

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