Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The Child is home for a week's vacation...(: "What are you building?" I asked. "A booby trap, of course." he replied. Such a little boy.

In other news, I received my package from French General today...tucked inside were some "I dream in French" stickers. Lovely.

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femminismo said...

Hello, Southern Girl. Thanks for visiting and signing on as a "follower." I love the booby trap. We had our share of kids and crayons here Thursday. I love the smell of crayons. And how odd. I was looking at your list of movies and one of your favorites is "Cinema Paradiso," which is also one of mine. Oh, I can hear that music. I have a Pat Metheny album and he covers that song. So nice in guitar. Anyway, I had to comment on the Laura Esquival novel, too. I loved her "Like Water For Chocolate," so thought I'd love "Law of Love," but I, too, put it down. (I rarely do this.) The music CD that came with it was sometimes nice. Maybe I will pick up the book again too. Cheers! Soldier on with the child. - jeanne