Monday, December 29, 2008

Athens, Georgia

A stone's throw from the English Department , the Founder's Garden is where I went to study for my summer-semester Milton class. This is the "lady of the garden," and behind her, the wrought iron table where I first read Paradise Lost and drank Dr. Peppers from a campus vending machine.
Every time I'm in Athens, I make it a special point to visit my former professor Hubert McAlexander, a true mentor and a one-of-kind Southern gem. It was in his class that I first read Faulkner.
The lady casts a sideways glance westward...

The ash can outside of the English Department..."Thou still unravished bride of quietude" --Faulkner

The Little One, Founder's Garden, January 2009

This is undoubtedly the fattest hawk I've ever witnessed; I had never seen the squirrels on North Campus sit so still on their oak tree perches.
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5 Things not left unsaid:

Candace said...

Goodness! Athens has such lovely sights, black and white or colour. Thanks for sharing.
Your photos just get better and better.

Saucy said...

Athens is truly on my wish list of places to visit. My brother almost moved his family to Georgia this year and I was giddy with excitement but the plan fell through. Maybe someday.

femminismo said...

Lovely, wonderful photos! The unravished bride? Is there an explanation or should I Google this? Are these her ashes? Hmm. Curious in Oregon

Southern Girl said...

Hey, guys! Yes, Athens is a truly magnificent place...for photography or otherwise. Femminismo..."Unravished bride of unquietude" is a line straight out of Faulkner. (: This is the ash can sitting outside the English Department of the University of Georgia. (:

femminismo said...

I knew I should have googled it! I must admit I have never read a book by Faulkner. Steinbeck took up all my time. I will have to peruse a volume ... and right soon. Thanks for leaving a comment and alerting me to yours. Your name is in the hat and I've started a new scarf. jeanne