Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chattanooga Kind of Day

A trip to a bookstore (four used books) a coffee shop ( a cafe au
lait) a sprawling antique market ( a vintage black cape--no, not even

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3 Things not left unsaid:

Candace said...

Good Lord, I have "Blue Shoe" -- got it at my vet's -- and "The Year of Magical Thinking" also. What the...? I would love to see that play they've made of the second one.

Jacqui G said...

Where are you and when are we going to be doing this together???
Can't wait to see you in the black cape!

Southern Girl said...

Candace! How funny about the Blue Shoe! And the lady that sold me "Magical Thinking" said she'd seen the play in NY and that it was great. (: