Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Change of Perspective

I've been away. My tank read empty on ideas, on creativity, on energy to do little else than putter around the house slowly, methodically, doing practical and necessary things.

I let myself be. I let that tired tide pull me out to sea where I could float for a while without having to worry about where I would end up. I always seem to come back to shore in a few days.

And as I sat at my desk today, still and quiet, I realized something. I looked at all the things piled up, waiting for my attention, and then a little fluttering caught my eye. I glanced up through the blinds to see something beautiful I would have missed had I not shifted my focus, changed my perspective. So I lifted the blinds. Sometimes it's as easy as that.


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4 Things not left unsaid:

Candace said...

Sometimes, yes, we do have to have a break. Glad you are buoyed up again as you were quite missed.

Well, would you look at that? Isn't that a nuthatch? It sure looks like one. EXcellent shots. Gosh, how I love nature's children.
Take care and thanks so much for sharing these thoughts and photos with us.

Yet Another Georgia Peach

Gretchen Shelby said...

"PERSPECTIVE!!!" Gotta climb those rocks to see the other side :)

femminismo said...

Even your yard looks cozy! Love those birds! Do you have the Great Backyard Birdwatch in Athens? They do in Oregon but I may have missed it this year. I know! I'll google it and see. Best to you - Jeanne in Oregon

Jacqui G said...

Thank you for this - I was in need.