Friday, February 27, 2009

Her Own Society; Or, A Visit to a Friend's House

Almost every gorgeously unique thing that I photograph for you in my home, from my blue Portuguese oatmeal bowl, to my named statues, to the myriad of crowns that you'll see lying about everywhere, are a direct result of the creative-trickle-down from my friend Jane. We joke sometimes that while most women (me included) only have the courage or the time to "visit" this inspired, arty world, she chooses to inhabit it on a daily basis. I know I've mentioned her store "One Queen's Folly" a lot on this blog--I can truly say that walking in there for the first time changed the trajectory of my life path in terms of everything from artistic expression to the making of friends with like-minded souls.

The other day I went to visit her at her own home, which is always an event for me. Everywhere you look, you get the idea, "An artist lives here." "Are you at it again?" she asks as I try to take pictures of everything in the house.

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2 Things not left unsaid:

Jacqui G said...

Next time you go - pleeeez take me!

femminismo said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Queen's Folly. Hey, I read "The Year of Magical Thinking." What a woman to get through that year! I think I should knit little coats for your Georgia daffodils. I'll get busy, OK? - Jeanne