Monday, February 23, 2009

A Solitary Breakfast.

I took a quiet breakfast at my desk this morning, dressing up a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with ripe blueberries, a siver tray layered with lace, an Elysian Fields candle, and a stray sprig of fresh lavender. I'm discovering that if you want to feel like the queen of your castle, you have to begin treating yourself like one. Long live the queen, baby. Long live the queen. Let's begin.

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4 Things not left unsaid:

Jacqueline said...

Oh you are so right! Isn't it sad that we women have to be reminded to do something special for ourselves? To just occasionally put ourselves first?
Long Live the Queen, indeed.
Each and every one of us!
HRH Jacqui

Candace said...

Perfect! One of the things being given up for Lent (and I am not even Catholic) is saying yes to everyone else but Me. Mmm. Expect some fireworks to dust up the crown a bit... :)
Your Correspondent in Athens.

femminismo said...

Out of my way everyone. I'm packing my bags and heading for Southern Girl's house. I don't need the address. My sniffer is good enough so I'll smell my way there from the airport! Out of my way, I repeat!!

Southern Girl said...

Jacquie, Candace, and Femmismo! So glad to have you on board for this one...sometimes it takes a friendly nudge from someone else to help you remember your true value. And ladies, if you ever find yourself nearby, you're ALWAYS WELCOME to stop by...I'll put the kettle on...:)