Saturday, June 06, 2009

Everything I Want and Nothing I Don't

I shall do nothing today, and by that, I mean I'll do everything. Everything that I desire. I commit only to lounging in bed with coffee, a good book (The Secret of Lost Things), my blogs, a waiting stack of Tiffany Blue stationery (would you like a letter?), my faithful hound who never leaves my side, and the dancing flame (courtesy of the ceiling fan wind) of the scented candle --the curtains are drawn, filtering the daylight through a soothing, pale French blue.

Perhaps if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll take you along for a walk around my hilly neighborhood, thinking about better women and better writers than me, out traipsing the moors with grand ideas.

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3 Things not left unsaid:

Jacqui G said...

Goddess Jennifer,
Why do you not have a subscription opt-in on your blog?
I actually MISSED the last few posts!
Your post for today is inspirational - I believe I will follow your lead.
Bliss and blessings,

Candace said...

I love that hound. I love this post, this day of yours and the desires you tick off, one by one ... I do indeed relate to it!
Candace in Athens.

Keetha said...

Looks like a perfect day!

I hope you enjoy the book. :-)