Sunday, February 07, 2010

Flowers in the Asking

My husband called from the grocery store the other day to ask me if I needed anything. Immediately, my heart leapt toward the front of the store where I know the flowers are kept. There would be tulips! Of all colors. "I WANT TULIPS!" I wanted to shout through the phone. But I didn't.

Instead of talking to him, I sat back and listened to the little tete-a-tete erupting between my "ego" and my "higher self" that went something like this:

Higher Self: "Tulips sure would be nice on the bedside table."

Ego: "But doesn't it make them less special if you have to ask for them? Doesn't it make YOU less special? And there's so much more romance in the surprise..."

Higher Self: But there are so many more flowers in the asking."

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4 Things not left unsaid:

Keetha said...

Yes, and do you have tulips? You should have tulips!

Southern Girl said...

Keetha, I wish I could say that my pride didn't win out that time around. I went flowerless for a couple of days. And then when he went BACK to the grocery store, I just said, "Hey, buy me some tulips."

femminismo said...

This is a conundrum. I am glad you asked for them. The older I get the tireder I get waiting for mind reading to work!

Candace said...

Oh silly rabbit, tricks really are for kids. Good for you for the asking. Who knows WHAT his higher self and ego did to him, by the way...
You take care and what. gorgeous. tulips.
Candace in Athens.