Sunday, August 14, 2005

If I were a rich girl...

Top 10 Reasons I Think I Should be Rich

10. I loathe to drive myself anywhere, but I love to be driven.

9. I've recently discovered a man working at Cracker Barrel who would make a fabulous butler. Attentive, but not overly zealous with conversation. (If he could only feign a British accent and consider changing his name to Giles, he would be perfect!)

8. I would feel perfectly comfortable with having my mail (and everything else) delivered to me on a silver tray. (The Cracker Barrel Butler would inform me, to my enjoyment, that the "Post" has arrived.)

7. I thorougly enjoy the way the words, "Shall we take our cocktails out onto the veranda?" sound coming out of my mouth.

6. I've flown 1st class on an overseas flight. One simply can not revert to coach after that.

5. I could finally take tennis/sailing lessons.

4. I would look pretty cute in one of those English riding outfits.

3. I would qualify as eccentric instead of crazy.

2. I could buy some really cool friends. (And not to mention find out who all of my long, lost family members are).

1. I would share.

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