Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Goings-On

1. I've signed on for the little kick-in-the-pants that is the National Blog Posting Month. Basically, you have to agree to not be a blog-sloth every day for the month of November and actually write something. Ahem.

2. I've attempted to dip myself into the chilly waters of the health-insurance game, but, alas, was spewed back out. Denied. It seems that I was rejected on the basis that I haven't been to the doctor enough in the past two years. (Wouldn't they rather have people who don't go to the doctor?) I don't have enough of a "history" for them to judge. So apparently, I have to go get a checkup at my own expense to make sure I'm completely healthy, and then they'll decide again. Sheesh. Oh well, whatever it takes. I'm a people-pleaser. (P.S. People-pleasing actually leads to extreme stress, and everybody knows that stress leads to physiological damage at the cellular level. Which means cancer. Do you hear that, health insurers? You're giving me cancer, which you will have to pay for later! Just sayin', jackasses.)

3. A little good news: my son is finally starting pre-school! Four days a week, three hours a day. I've already got a plan for those twelve hours a week, and it has a lot to do with a scary little thing called the GRE.

3 Things not left unsaid:

Misty said...

I am trying to post real content as well... if you just post 30 days of fillers, where is the real challenge ???

the health insurance thing is NUTS... I will never understand health insurance...

Keetha said...

(hug) for the health insurance rigamorole. Ugh.

When do you take the GRE? I'm so excited for you!

When I took it I bought one of those prep books and did fine on the English/writing part, but lands sake, that math? Just about did me in. It's not my thing. At all.

All that to say, even one as mathematically challenged as I am, and did well enough to be admitted where I wanted to go. And you will, too!

And I'm loving Eat, Pray, Love so very much. Thank you.

Kim Sue said...

there is nothing like the health care industry to make you want to say bad words and pull your hair out - I love the part about them giving you cancer - priceless!