Sunday, November 04, 2007

There are two red bins full of pre-school supplies on my kitchen table...fat pencils, fat markers, fat crayons, and blunt-edge scissors. Tomorrow is my son's first day of school, and there's much for a mother to worry about. He's coming in at the middle of the year...what if the other four-year olds have already formed cemented alliances that refuse to envelope him? What if the teacher doesn't protect his little feelings? What if he does completely offensive little things that get on her nerves? I hear my own mother's words reverberating..."Nobody's going to love you like your mama!" She was right, of course.

On my own first day of school, as I recall, I was supposed to wait for my older brother to walk me home. In my truly independent fashion, I ran all the way home by myself as soon as school let out. I wanted to prove to everyone that I didn't need anyone to walk me home. About twenty minutes after I'd arrived home, my brother came running in, breathless, exclaiming, "I couldn't find her! I couldn't find her!" I hope my own son doesn't feel the need for such blatant shows of independence. (: It just might wreck me.

3 Things not left unsaid:

Keetha said...

Oh, hon. I feel your pain, my son having started kindergarten at the BIG BOY elementary school where they have K-6th.

When I was pregnant, my cousin, who had a two year old, told me that having a child is like your heart walking around without you. But it's not - it's something you love more than your own heart.

I'll be thinking of you. I think it will all be fine and that he will love school and they will all dearly love him.

Megan said...

How did the little one do? I hope he had a fun first day and that you both made it through his first big step into the world!

Also good luck with the GRE!!! I'm sure you will do well. : )

maria said...

congratulations on all of this! good for you and your little guy. what are you planning to do post-GRE? let's catch up sometime soon. i'm glad you're posting again!