Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I've been tagged by Gretchen, my BFF-from-way-back, to create my own photo MEME using images from Google, and although I'm only vaguely familiar with the concept, I'm going to try it out. (Way more fun than "slam books" in the tenth grade anyway!)

Age at my next birthday:

Places I'd like to Travel:



Emily Dickinson's Desk: Amherst, Massachusetts

My favorite object

My Cross fountain pen

My Favorite Food

Fage yogurt with Honey

Favorite color


My Nickname


Place I was Born

Favorite Movie

Favorite Drink

Caffeinated Water

Favorite Time of Year

Autumn Mornings

That being done, I tag Keetha. And anyone else with the time. (:

0 Things not left unsaid: