Sunday, February 03, 2008

The mouths of babes...

In the background, you can see the University of Georgia arches that, as local lore purports, you have to walk around and not under until graduation day. If you don't heed this around-not-under rule, they say that you'll never graduate. Call it superstitious, but the entire time I went to school there, I never (not once) tempted fate. And of course, on graduation day, when my grandparents asked me what I wanted to do afterwards, I told them I wanted to go walk under those arches.


This picture was taken last Friday after I finally was able to talk to my professor. I brought him his gifts of green glass hummingbird feeders in celebration of his upcoming published book about the Audubon Society. While he and I discussed the book, my loveable child kept repeating, "This is a really BORING office...this is really BORING." And the more I tried to ignore him, the louder he got.

Sidenote: He currently happens to be going through a "boring" phase--"This is a BORING house, Mom," he tells me often. Or "This is a really BORING show." Not that the knowledge of this phase mortified me any less as I tried to listen politely about my professor's book. Just wait, little guy, you'll bring a girl home someday, and then I'll have my revenge!!! I can tell her that I find her very BORING.

Further sidenote: He also has been paying a mind-numbing amount of attention to TV commercials. And I think if he inquires of one more person, myself included, if they've "called Jenny yet," I might just have a meltdown.

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