Sunday, September 07, 2008

The "Wilco" Sandwich

There's a blue sky outside of the Fillmore CoffeeHouse this morning, a blue sky in my heart. Have a brilliant day, everyone! (FYI: The "Wilco" is blessed with both ham and turkey, asiago cheese, and dijonaise dressing, all between scrumptiously satifying 8-grain bread. Yum.)

2 Things not left unsaid:

femminismo said...

And what, exactly, is in a Wilco sandwich? Also, I have to comment on the lunchbox. I've seen it before in your photos, I think. Is it a purse or an "art kit" or writer's kit?

Southern Girl said...

Thanks for noticing, femminismo. (: The black lunch box is just one of the little eccentricities that I enjoy. It IS a writing kit!!! In it, I keep my favorite pens, plenty of ink, scissors, a glue stick, a roll of tape, a little notebook, and a voice recorder. What I've found to be true is that I never have my brightest ideas while I'm sitting down at my desk to write...I always seem to get them when I'm off doing something else, like driving or having a cup of coffee in a coffeehouse. So I carry my little black writing kit EVERYWHERE. (: It always come in handy. I think every writer/artist should have one.(: