Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Globe--An Athens Landmark Pub

Whenever I'm Athens on a hot summer's day, you can count on my stopping by the Globe for a cool, sweating glass of something lovely. The dark wood paneling is a welcome respite away from the recoils of an unforgiving sun, and to sit at one of those thick pub tables with a Bass Ale or Guinness is nothing short of transporting. If you stop in hungry one day, I highly recommend trying their version of the traditional Fish and Chips. They serve them with a cayenne-laced tartar sauce on the side, and they fry the fish to such a startling perfection that would leave the mouths of British chefs agape. (Also, any place that bothers to hang a print of the bios of prominent Irish writers is just fine by me.)

P.S. Forgive the grainy iPhone photo...I left my "real" camera in the car with a dead battery. :)

3 Things not left unsaid:

Anonymous said...

wonderful pic. great the beer looks good!

Candace said...

Girl, I know our paths have crossed -- you entering the Globe even as I leave it.
If you ever see me in there, you sidle on over. Drinks will be on me.
And what a gorgeous shot this is.

Candace, Still in Athens

Southern Girl said...

Thanks, Anon and Candace! :) I'm going to have to make it on over to the Royal Peasant in Five Points, too. We WILL run into each other someday--I'm sure of it!