Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Garden & Gun Magazine

...if you would hire me, I would be the happiest Southern Girl in the whole Southern world...With love and photos, SG

Garden & Gun is a magazine that never fails to inspire my "New South" sensibilities. Their writers and photographers are truly gifted at seeking out and capturing what I love most about living where I do...the cuisine, the literature, the characters, and the indelible Southern spirit that can't find its like anywhere else. Their glossy pages let me ride shotgun on the scenic route, and they don't mind stopping along the way. They are truly a remarkable read, from cover to cover, every single issue.

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2 Things not left unsaid:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you sent them samples of your *gorgeous work* they WOULD hire you!!! Have you sent them samples???? :)

Southern Girl said...

No, Anonymous, and the question is, "Why haven't I?":) The worst they could do is say "No." And then I'd be no worse off than now. Thanks for the comment and the nudge...sometimes that's all a girl needs. :)