Monday, July 05, 2010

The Terminal Brewhouse in Chattanooga

How did this...

...lead to THIS?

Well, huddle up, and I'll tell you the story. It began with asking our server Zack at the Terminal Brewhouse, "What do you do for fun around here?" ("Here," meaning Chattanooga.) He told us that he'd grown up around Signal Mountain, and about a twenty mile drive away would produce a hike to a "secret waterfall." He said he'd spent a lot of time there when he was a teenager and that nobody really went there anymore. I was all in. He drove us a very accurate map, complete with landmarks and squiggly lines, on a receipt (think: treasure map) that led my little PT Cruiser up hairpin turns, the like of which it's never seen.

When we got to the Falling Waters trail, it was a short five minute hike to a beautiful view of the gorge and a stream that was cascading over the side of the mountain. It was running a little slower than normal due to lack of rain, but I just felt grateful to someone for giving me privy information to their "secret hideaway." I can't wait to re-visit this spot in the fall after the leaves have had time to do their thing. Thanks, Zack, for the Belgian White Beer as well as the trail!

P.S. The Terminal Brewhouse's menu describes beer as "the wondrous nectar that makes the bad man stop and life worth living." Indeed.
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