Monday, July 05, 2010

Allbooks in Chattanooga

"This looks like my mama's house," a lady said with a giggle as she walked into Allbooks. Indeed, I too thought I'd walked into a hoarder's paradise. Books and Lady-of-Shalotty-looms were scattered about in its vast expanse, as well as bundles of yarn, Christmas ornaments, candle sticks, lampshades, etc. (And there's a lot in that etcetera.)

Still, I had the distinct, comfortable feeling of having been magically swept up into a modern day Dickens novel. I imagined that a slightly hunched over, bespectacled professor with a British accent was just about to step out of the shadows at any time. I unfortunately didn't get the pleasure of this fantasy-cum-reality, six-year old claimed it "BOR-ING!" and whisked me away to the Chattanooga aquarium before I could properly investigate. Saving the exploration of this place for another day...

Click to enlarge this to its proper glory and BE THERE WITH ME. :)

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2 Things not left unsaid:

Bits of Grey Matter said...

I can smell it through the computer... Yum, musty paper and so many words to be read.

Southern Girl said...

How did you know? ;) I adore that smell of weathered words!