Friday, July 23, 2010

Wireless in Woodstock

I am so happy to report that I've just found my new office, ya'll. My town of Woodstock has just procured free wi-fi access for the downtown City Park. This means so many things for my proclivity to propel my personal blogging thoughts out to the masses via a park bench or a blanket in the grass. With a thermos and a picnic, I'm a different person. A different writer.

We tend to live differently when we're outside, don't we? When we have the benefit of birdsong and breezes and human interaction, our words take on different forms. Better forms. We suburbanites lose that sometimes, holed up on our sub-divided, cul-de-sacked lives with our automatic garage door openers that help us avoid talking to the neighbors. Well, I, for one don't want to live that way. See you in the park tomorrow. I'll bring the coffee.

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